Saturday, August 13, 2011

Still ticking along

Once again, life has nudged blogging to the back burner.  It isn't so much that I've been busy as that I've been busy doing the same things, and seriously, how many times does someone want to hear "went to the gym, took a shower, went shopping, did a little stitching"?
  Our neighbors across the alley had a new curb put in along their property line.  It looks very nice, and hopefully will keep people from driving over their landscaping.  Of course, our property line now looks just that much worse...
   Working out at the gym is giving me some good results.  I still haven't lost much weight, but I did buy a pair of jeans in a size smaller along with a couple pair of exercise pants in the same smaller size.  Today I walked a 20 minute mile at incline 2 on the treadmill.  I'm pleased, as a few weeks ago I could barely manage 10 minutes at a low pace and no incline.  I'm getting stronger and I feel better, so the work is definitely worth it.
   Sewing and stitching have fallen to the back burner for a while.  I've been re-reading The Stand by Stephen King in my free time.  I've also got The Help and The Pirates of Somalia cued up on my Kindle.
Since I can't read and sew at the same time, the sewing is on hold.

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