Thursday, June 20, 2013

On the Joys of Sewing with Cats

I love my kitties.  I do, really.
Stitching with them in the same room can be a bit of a chore, though.  Kali and Loki are pretty sure they are fabric weights and that once they are ON the fabric, it is supposed to just lie there until they're ready to do something else.  Loki likes to eat patterns and pull pins out of my pincushions.
   Bes has decided he is an embroidery fan.  He plopped himself onto my lap a while ago.  This also happened to be on top of all my threads and my embroidery scissors.  (of course it did).  After several minutes of head-butting and rubbing allll over my hoop he settled down...until I started stitching.
Oh, Boy!  Im'a bite that!   He managed to get most of one strand swallowed before I was able to grab it and pull it out of his maw.  Ewwww- slurmy floss.
   Despite this, I managed to get all 8 thousand french knots done in the center of the sunflowers I was working on.  Next up, blanket stitch flowers.  Pity I can't remember how to start them....  :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

just catching up

 Oh.   It looks as if I've not updated this in a couple of months.  You'd think that nothing's been going on, but that isn't the case.

  In May, we went to the UK for a week to witness the marriage of my husband's younger sister.  We took an extra couple of days to visit his younger brother and family in Yorkshire before driving west to Berkeley. (pronounced "barkly")  
  The wedding was held at historic St Mary's Church, a lovely building that has retained much of its original atmosphere.
  Last week we went to NYC for a school reunion.  The venue was near Times Square and the Fashion District, so we wound up in both places.  There's an entire store devoted to m&ms at Times Square!
I found NYC to be disappointing.  Traffic, both foot and auto, were horrendous!  Most of the buildings had scaffolding in front of them, so even if I passed something I'd seen in a film, I sure didn't recognize it.  The intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street looks like any intersection in any Eastern Big City.
   Mood Fabrics, however, did not disappoint.  We walked up there on Wednesday afternoon and browsed around at several stores on the block.  I came home with just 5 yards of fabric, though: 2 of pale yellow silk dupioni and 3 of an ephemeral silk voile.   Thank you, Mood.

  Time in between has been spent working in the garden and maintaining the yard, doing a (very) little sewing, and reading.

   We also had to purchase a new vehicle.  The transmission on the Civic Hybrid just stopped one morning.  Blue book value of the car was pretty close to the cost of a new transmission, so we decided to put that cash towards a down payment.  We came home with a Ford C-Max Energi in Candy Blue (eventually- it took the dealership a few days to find and obtain that particular vehicle for me).  So far, I love it.  Love, love, love.