Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Great Pescatarian Experiment of 2016

   Several weeks ago the husband woke up and discovered that the thought of eating meat made him feel queasy.  Even BACON!  Since then, I've been attempting to cook more vegetarian meals.  Many nights, I just make sure all the sides are meat-product free, then cook salmon for him and have a pork chop myself.  (I don't like salmon anymore, for some reason.)  For Thanksgiving I went all out.  We had Lentil Loaf,  roasted brussels sprouts and stuffed portobello mushrooms.   I sent my daughter a photo of my plated dinner.  She texted back "Is that food?  uh, I mean, that looks tasty."  It was surprisingly tasty, and both the stuffed portos and the loaf will go into regular rotation.  I've also made a meatless chili that was delicious!

I still have far too much crap in my sewing rooms even though I've been working on a thorough revamping.  I bought new bookshelves and have started sorting through magazines and books with a plan to sell or donate the ones I'm not using or likely to get around to using.  I've decided that my inventory of projects is probably outweighing my probable life expectancy by a factor of three.  Time to downsize.  This would be so much easier if there weren't so many cute new fabrics coming out all the time!

I'm thinking about selling the loom I bought last year.  It's a huge floor loom- the learning curve is high, and when taking into consideration all of the current projects I have that I know how to do, it's very likely I'll never get much use out of the loom.