Sunday, January 8, 2012

  The kit for the cute dress I was thinking about ordering is already sold out.
I guess I can cross that off my list!  How fortunate that I still have a multitude of things
to choose from up in the sewing room.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Happy New Year to All!

  I don't make new year's resolutions as such, but I do tend to think over things I've done the previous year and how I would like to improve or reduce them.  I have a load of stash fabric, unfinished (and unstarted!) kits from previous years that I would like to finish and display, and collections of things to make garments for my granddaughter, many of which she's grown out of already.  Besides sewing, I've also got various embroidery and cross-stitch projects and some beading kits.  
  Why then, knowing I have All These Things already in my house, did I wake up this morning designing a shirt for my husband in my head?  Not a simple shirt, either...  [he reads this, so I can't go in to more detail, but be assured it's got stitching and beads and hand-made buttons on it, so far.]
  I logged on to my computer to do my daily reading, and in the newsletters I receive, I've already fallen in love with three kits.  One is for a crewel wool design and I'm pretty sure I would never work it, so that is at least off my Lust List.  The others, though, are just too cute.  One is a little pincushion which was featured in the Wooly Thread Newsletter.
The other is a kit from Martha Pullen Company and is a cute dress that I think Madison would love.
  OH, The Temptation!
For now I am holding strong.  I'll write down the ideas for the shirt so I can work it up in the future, but I won't buy the fabric yet.  It's a holiday type shirt, anyway, so no big rush.  In the meantime, I can stitch up a couple of shirts that are already languishing in pieces in the sewing room so the man can wear them.
The little pincushion... I added that to my Amazon wish list.  If it's still available when I'm ready to work it, I can buy it then.  If not, I'll consider it Not Meant To Be.
  That little dress is going to take a bit more thought, though.  It's stinkin' cute,  for starters.  The style isn't like Every Dress at Walmart,  the fabrics are high quality cottons,  and the child is getting close to the age of being too big for a birthday dress.  (If I bought it now and whipped it out quickly, it would also work for Valentine's Day)  [big if; I've met me.]  [[But my goal is to stop procrastinating...]]
   I guess I'm looking forward to a busy 2012 replete with finished "vintage" projects.

In other news, when we returned from our Annual Christmas Pilgrimage to my son's house I discovered that one of my mollys had given birth to a teensy little fishlet.  The guy at the fish store said there were probably more than one to begin with.  Small Fry is now residing in a fish breeding cage in the aquarium to keep hungry adult from mistaking it for lunch.  S/he was about 3 mm long when I discovered it and is now double that.  Like human babies, they grow quickly.