Friday, August 19, 2011

getting healthy... bad for my health.
   It seems I've managed to tear the meniscus in my right knee.  I may have done this at the club, or I may have strained it a bit at the club and then finished the job while mowing my stupid angled lawn.   In any case, I'm advised to apply RICE  (rest, ice, compression, elevation) for the next few days while until I get the results of my xray.
   X-ray, you may ask?  Don't those just show bone problems, and not soft tissue injuries?  Why, yes, that's entirely correct!   However, my insurance company requires that I go through a process.  First I have to see my doctor to ensure that I actually NEED imaging.  (Never mind that a physical therapist recommended it.)
The first imaging needs to be an xray, just to make sure that there are no broken bones.  Now, I'm pretty sure that broken bones would show up on an MRI, too- they do on House and on Bones, anyway... but nevertheless, I had to trudge around about 1/2 mile in a huge hospital to have an xray done first.  It's Friday.   The xray won't be read by a radiologist until sometime Monday, most likely.  My doctor will get copies today, but I can't proceed until a radiologist signs off on the thing.
  Obtaining the xray in the first place was fairly frustrating.  First, it took me 20 minutes to find parking.  The first lot I tried was full.  There was also nowhere to turn my car around at the top of the lot, so I had to back up.   Eventually, I found the proper parking lot and got the car parked, only to discover that I needed to be on the opposite side of the hospital.  To make this even more fun, Radiology isn't called Radiology at this hospital.  They refer to it as "diagnostics".  Er...  Whatevs.
   I'm currently quite unhappy about this whole chain of events starting with the fact that I hurt myself walking.  ( least I didn't fall off a bridge this time)  Walking is supposed to be GOOD for a person!   I'm also irritated and somewhat anxious about the fact that since I'm favoring my right leg, my left leg is also starting to hurt, now.
   The only marginally bright side to the situation is that since I can't do much in the way of exercise, I have no excuse not to do some stitching, so once I manage to hobble up the stairs, that's just what I shall be doing.

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