Friday, July 8, 2011

Just another Friday

  Few postings have been made recently as I suspect it would get tedious to read basically the same information multiple times.
  I'm still going to the gym three times a week.  It helps; despite the aches and pains produced by the workouts I feel better overall, so I'll be keeping this up.
   The little needle case I'm working on is progressing.  I need to trace the patterns for the insert pieces on to linen lined with batiste, though, and can't find my light box.  I keep forgetting this during the day and at night there isn't enough outside light to make using the window a good substitute.  (I'll be heading upstairs to finish this task soon.)  The stitching is going a little slower than I'd hoped due to the fact that my reading glasses no longer seem strong enough for me to focus on tiny stitches or to thread small needles unless I perch the glasses at the exact right point near the end of my nose and hold my tongue Just So,  so today I'm off to the eye doctor for an exam and new reading/sewing glasses.
  Monday brings the one-year assessment of our house by the builders, so I'll be spending some time on general tidying-up this weekend.  There are very few concerns to be addressed, though.  S&A did a good job for us.

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