Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today is tomorrow, although it should have been yesterday

   Currently, all I seem to want to do is sleep or drink iced tea.
  I managed a trip to Home Depot today for paint, a wheelbarrow, pavers and some other stuff to go along with said items.  Bags of paving sand are heavy.  Assembled wheelbarrows are tricky to get into a Honda Civic Hybrid.  I managed.   I was, however, a drippy, sweating mess by the time I got everything into the car, and it's only about 70 degrees out.  Summer is likely to be fun. Stupid hormones.

   Anyway, Pulp Fashion.
   It is absolutely amazing what a talented artist can do with paper and paint.  Isabelle de Borchgrave can take brown kraft paper and paint and turn them into a replica of a Medici gown, complete with lace and jewelry. From 5 feet away, you cannot tell the dress is not made from velvet.   Delicate Fortuny pleats?  Yup.  She can do those, too.  One display was of an "in-progress" garment which showed the various steps required to cut, shape, and build the various paper pieces into a complete garment display.  Next to it were some pieces in various stages of painting.
  If you're at all close to San Francisco, do try to make it to the Museum of the Legion of Honor to see this exhibit.  If you're not, look for the book as it gives a good overview of both the garments and the processes.

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Jeanne Dansby said...

Home Depot and Pulp Fashion. I like you.