Tuesday, May 10, 2011

garden season

  I just got back to the gym where I discovered that my core muscles are about as strong as wet spaghetti.
Whoosh, I'm beat!  Despite that, I have a ton of things to do today including sewing on the little girls's dresses for at least two hours,  planting a few trees along the house foundation and acquiring a looooong extension cord so I can whack the weeds in the side yard.
  The front ... hmm, I don't want to call it a yard as it's only about 6 feet wide ... portion? Yes, that will work.  The front portion of the yard is looking very sad indeed.  We lost a boxwood to winter winds, so that needs to be pulled out.  It's at the top of a 45-50 degree slope, though, so I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get up to it.  The weird little plants along the bottom of the slope are leafing out nicely, but the current color palette in this bit of yard is dark green and dark gray, and it's just bleah.  I think I'll plop some inexpensive flowering annuals in there until my seeds have a chance to start blooming and we get fresh mulch to spread.
   I'll try to post some photos soon.  I haven't figured out how to manipulate jpgs on the Mac yet and until the dresses are finished I don't have time to learn new software.  My brain seems to only hold one thing at a time these days.

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