Sunday, February 27, 2011

Convention 2011- California or Bust

The brochure for the 2011 SAGA convention went online yesterday and I've already picked out at least 3 possible classes for each day. This is the first time in a while I have been so excited about classes!
Susan O'Connor from Australia will be teaching! I have wanted to take a class with her for ages now. Her designs are gorgeous and her stitching is exquisite. Jeannie Beaumeister has some lovely designs on offer and there are several other gifted teachers with great projects. I think the only classes that didn't strike me as possibilities were the ones I have already taken. I'm almost even tempted to slog my sewing machine along...but that would be hard on both me and the machine.  I could rent a machine, but it takes me a while to get the hang of adjusting stitches and such, so I'm not sure that would work well for me.  (I am, however, thinking about it)

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