Sunday, March 20, 2011

  Hubby and I spent the weekend in the Philly area.  I needed to go try the preliminary jr bridesmaid gown on two little girls (and darn it, I didn't get a photo!) , and hubby is between jobs, so we both went.  It was a nice weekend.  The dress fit both girls- Mad's is perfect, and Ana's just needs to be lengthened a bit in the body and skirt.  I think I'll go ahead and cut her an 8 since I watched her consume 5 garlic knots, some salad and 4 pieces of pizza topped off by half a slice of carrot cake at dinner.  If she's not stocking up for a major growth spurt I'd be surprised.
   Returning home we discovered that all 3 cats survived.  The aquarium, however, is murkily green.  I gave it a water change on Thursday before we left!  Tomorrow I'll be checking to make sure there isn't too much sunlight hitting the tanks, and probably also buying an algae eater.  There is certainly enough to keep one busy for a while.

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