Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter, still

My life, for the first 10 days of January, was consumed with trying to get over a really wretched cold. Perhaps it was 'flu- I'm not sure. I never did run a fever: I just felt horrible for 4 weeks (apparently, this is a new and improved strain of rhinovirus) and went through approximately 5 boxes of tissues and half a bottle of nyquil. I think I'm better now, but I'm not going to state that unequivocally as I don't want the thing to think I'm inviting it back. I was better enough over the weekend to remove the lights and the SINGLE ORNAMENT from our Yule tree and get Phil to take the tree out for trash pickup. Yeah- one ornament. We found The Most Perfect Tree, Ever, and then I got too sick to be able to decorate it.
While ill, I discovered the amazingly funny blog of The Yarn Harlot. I've started from the beginning in the archives and just read my way up to January of 2008. I purchased The Free Range Knitter from Amazon for an amazingly cheap price and am reading that, as well.
I've also read 4 unrelated books and three magazines. The magazines are producing ideas to go on the Project List. I must stop reading.

In a moment of fiduciary weakness last week I decided I needed a couple of new projects, so I ordered a couple of ornaments from Barbara Meger at Classic Creations, as well as a jewelry bag. These should make good TV projects because they're a kit- everything is right there other than the styrofoam innards. Larger projects (such as finishing the painting of the living and dining rooms) are going to have to wait another week until I'm well and truly no longer feeling poorly.

In the meantime, it is snowing. It started around 1:30 this afternoon, and it looks as if there's about 4 inches of the stuff settled on the sidewalks. It's supposed to keep snowing overnight with another 2-4 inches predicted. Joy.
It's good weather for snuggling down in the living room with some embroidery.

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