Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh, Boy!

I get to go to a smockers meeting today. It's about 20 miles from home, which means lots of windy roads, probably most of which will be uphill. I'm glad it was warm yesterday so that most of the snow has melted from the roads. I'm still quite wary of driving in and around Pittsburgh.

I'm looking forward to a fun afternoon with other stitchers. I'd feel better if I'd actually done ANY stitching in the past month or so, but being ill just took all the motivation out of me. I think I'll go find everything I need to start on my new reticule kit from Beverley Sheldrick. (I say new, but it's actually older than the one I finished, which still hasn't turned up in the unpacking process.)
Or, I could take my hussif kit, which matches the missing reticule, and start working on it. One of the good things about having all these unfinished (unstarted) projects is that I have LOTS of choices when I need something to work on!

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