Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter, how I loathe thee

I've hit a snag in the dressmaking momentum. I'm blaming it on the lack of sunshine, but I have little motivation to do anything other than sleep. Rumor has it there is another huge snowstorm brewing, too. I know that our local forecast has nothing in it but snow of some sort or another for the next ten days running.

I think I'll go throw my lining fabrics into the washing machine and force myself to get some work done.

I just ordered a vintage smocking booklet from Nostalgia at No. 1 . It's about halfway down the photos in the referenced post. Niki's blog is worth a read. She finds some interesting items and has cute and clever ways of marketing some of them.

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Steph said...

Sometimes when I can't seem to face sewing, I force it too. Other times it helps to do some big project completely unrelated... Like re-staking the beans or making jam or making a roast chicken dinner and then using every bit of vegetable scraps and carcass to make a huge pot of stock...