Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Time Flies

  It seems to have been a couple months since I posted anything.
   The baby fish is big enough to be turfed in with the general adult population.
   My cats have started getting along somewhat better: the two males have even been spotted playing together nicely on occasion.  Miracles do occur!
   Little in the way of sewing or gardening has been going on.  It's been too darn cold to play outside, plus there's a chance we might have to relocate so I'm not thrilled with the idea of putting in a garden for someone else to harvest.  Cheap and cheerful is likely to be the main theme of any planting.  
   I've started on an Elizabethan embroidery project that uses Gilt Sylke threads.  They're a little more awkward to stitch with than thread that doesn't have metal in it (understandably), but the results are very pretty.  This has been put aside for a while so I can finish painting the house, though.  If we need to sell it, it should probably have actual paint on all the walls rather than just basecoat.  *sigh*  So long, pretty colors, hello neutrals.

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