Tuesday, June 14, 2011

  The big news:  My son married his longtime love on the 4th of June.   The weather was lovely, as was the venue.  I learned a valuable lesson:  when going to a wedding at a lawn venue, don't wear high heels.
I wound up going barefoot rather than having to keep tugging a heel out of the soil.  (James was wearing his Five-finger shoes, so I didn't feel too weird.)

In lesser news, I'm hitting the gym three times a week now and spending more time out in the yard and less in the sewing room.   I've been trying to take advantage of the wonderful weather we've been having before it turns back into too hot or too rainy.
  I do have a couple of sewing goals for this month, though.  I'll be finishing my Silken Sewing Companion from a Kari Mecca workshop I attended in 2007 (!) and starting a cross stitch project requested by my husband.

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