Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Month, New Blog

It occurs to me that I should post here more often.
I'm currently attempting to bring order to our new apartment. We moved nearly 7 weeks ago, but then I fell ill and wasn't able to do much in the way of unpacking. Now that I'm better I've managed to clear out nearly all the boxes, but things aren't arranged as I'd like them yet.
The sewing room is giving me the most trouble. I have thousands of little bits that need to be organized and not quite enough room. Today I took a trip up to Ikea and purchased a few more shelves, so hopefully I can get most of the fabric up off the floor. Once that is done and I've managed to find homes for a tableful of notions, I'll be good to sew!
Current projects: a smocked bishop style dress with matching bloomers, bonnet and booties
mermaid design sewing treasure box with matching bits
halloween cross stitch design of a cute little witch
beaded velvet jacket.

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